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Collaboration for Self-Reliance in Technology & Innovation

Ministry of Heavy Industries is working on various ways in which the Hon'ble Prime Minister's call for Aatmanirbhar Bharat can be translated into specific industry initiatives. For developing self-reliance in technology and innovation, Technology Innovation Platforms have been launched to foster better utilisation of assets for finding solutions with the involvement of the youth, academia, professionals (in public and private sector), start-ups and entrepreneurs.

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About SanRachna


SanRachna, a digitally enabled platform

is an indigenous, multi-domain collaborative platform developed with the aim of enabling our brightest minds to unlock the potential of new technologies and innovations to shape the future.

Developed under the guidance of Ministry of Heavy Industries (MHI), Govt. of India, SanRachna aims to be a one-stop solution to bring together and enable Start-ups, Entrepreneurs, Industries, Institutes and Researchers - i.e., those who aspire- to create solutions that can transform India.



Solution Seeker

Any company/individual struggling to find an innovative breakthrough or which needs fresh external thinking and insights, can use "SanRachna" to design and pose their technical problem to the pool of experts, so that industry receives proposed solutions and working prototypes more quickly than they do today.

  • Post

    Post your technical problem to the panel of experts

  • Assess

    Review the proposed solutions

  • Accept

    Zero-in on solution that meets your need.

  • Apply

    Use, apply the solution & reward the solution provider

Solution Provider

The registered experts on "SanRachna" will work to solve important problems for the industry and earn the rewards and the associated professional recognition. While solving the problem, experts submit their detailed proposals and even working prototypes.

  • View

    View technical problems posted of seekers

  • Analyze

    Develop the optimum solution

  • Propose

    Propose the solution to Seekers

  • Win

    Recognition & Rewards



Grand Challenges

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Conversion of CNT (Carbon Nano Tube) gaseous sock to continuous CNT yarn

Hosted By : BHEL

CNTs are seamless cylindrical hollow fibres, comprised of a single sheet of pure graphite having a diameter in nanometers (nm) range, with lengths of few microns (>10).

Fast triggering trigatron (Spark Gap Switch)

Hosted By : BHEL

Trigatron is a spark gap switch used for forced triggering of breakdown/flashover between two electrodes separated by a distance

Developing Ceramic Battery

Hosted By : BHEL

Solid-state battery with solid electrolyte is projected as battery of the future.

Development of noise attenuating materials with heat dissipation capabilities

Hosted By : BHEL

In certain products like transformers, capacitor banks, etc. where acoustic materials are in contact with the machine surfaces to reduce structural vibration/noise.

Development of Self-Healing High Voltage Electrical Insulation Materials

Hosted By : BHEL

Electrical treeing can be the precursor to catastrophic failure for electrical insulation materials and hence significantly shorten the service life of any electrical equipment.

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BHEL Challenges

Idea Generation Challenge 2021-22

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Help & Faqs


Help & Faqs

"SanRachna" is the Technology Innovation Platform developed by BHEL under aegis of Department of Heavy Industries (Government of India) with the objective to create an open technology platform to aggregate talent and ideas in order to find solutions to India's technology gaps.

  • To spur the growth of innovative networks that innovate to solve the problems being faced by the Industry by developing indigenous technologies or solutions to improve efficiency and productivity.
  • To bring together young professionals, manufacturing experts, academic experts, industries and MSME manufactures on a single platform to solve the current technology challenges being faced by domestic producers or any party that would like a technology solution.
  • Aggregate problems to be solved and allow thinking minds to come together to offer solutions.

"SanRachna" is best viewed in Google Chrome Browser.

    Interested users may register on "SanRachna" with following minimum information (mandatory):

  • Email
  • Name
  • Mobile No.
  • Display / Nick Name
  • Registration / Organization Type
  • User can register in one of the following capacity:

  • Academic Institute
  • Public Sector
  • MSME
  • Private Company
  • Start-up
  • Individual
  • Professional
  • Student

The platform is open for individuals to register and contribute in the capacity of Solution Seeker or Solution Provider.

    The registered experts on SanRachna will work to solve important problems for the industry and earn the rewards and the associated professional recognition. While solving the problem, experts submit their detailed proposals and even working prototypes. The Solution Provider can:

  • View: Challenges posed by Seekers
  • Analyze: Develop the optimum solution
  • Propose: Propose the solution to Seekers
  • Win: Recognition & Rewards

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